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*** European champions !! ***


Saturday, 1 November, 2014 Valter Ambrogiani, technical designer of sigma.   He graduated champions of europe Archery Compound at the European Championship of Archery Indoor IFAA held in SAN MARINO from 30 October to 2 November.

The EIAC 2014 European indoor  are the most important sporting event of the year , dedicated to athletes of all ages, event involving over 320 participants from 17 European nations.

The competition takes place over three days, during each of the three days are held three rounds of competition lasting about three hours, during which they pull arrows on a target placed at 20 yards.

The ranking will determinatata the sum of the scores of the three individual races.

Our athlete is able to maintain high concentration and shooting accuracy during all three races, confirming three perfect scores: 300 + 300 + 300 points.

Valter Ambrogiani 900 points, which were the theoretical maximum level: were achieved, confirming European champion of archery indoor in the category hypertechnological “COMPOUND FREESTYLE  UNLIMITED”

In its category Valter Ambrogiani you had to face the best European athletes, particularly NIKO TOMSIC Swiss champion reigning and Ticci Fabio, Italian champion indoor 2013-2014.

In this photo the award ceremony made by the President of the FEDERATION ITALIAN BOW SHOOTING     Mario Scarzella to the three first places

Valter Ambrogiani points with 300 + 300 + 300 = 900

Niko Tomsic points with 297 + 300 + 298 = 895

Fabio Ticci points with 300 + 294 + 299 = 893

Simultaneously, during the four days of competition, there was also in the Italian Championship FIARC indoor Valter Ambrogiani who also participated.

The race consisted of three separate competitions:

A race called TRACK, during which you pull one arrow per pitch of 24 animals silhouettes placed at unknown distances between 20 and 35 meters, with a time 1 minute.

A race called 3D, during which you roll two arrows per target of 24 animals silhouettes placed at unknown distances between 20 and 35 meters.

A race-finals for the first 6, during which you pull a single arrow to pitch out of 6 animals silhouettes placed at unknown distances between 20 and 35 meters.


These were the silhouettes of the TRACK

at the end of the TRACK Valter Ambrogiani was ranked eighth.


On the second day, the 3D race was held in a huge tent with sand bottom

Here Valter Ambrogiani ranked first

The sum of the two races sees our athlete in third place overall.



On the third day, the final sees Valter Ambrogiani confirm third place.

Undoubtedly we need to work further on this type of race !!!

Questi sono i video della competizione

News 2014

Movable  bevelling machine 36B3

Fixed  chamfering machine 36B3+36C3


Table  063D


Kera-Lift 2014


Show »

» KERA-FLEX » per il taglio, incisione
e foratura di grandi lastre, fino a 25
mm di profondità.
» KERA-FLEX » for cutting, engraving
and drilling of large slabs up to 25
mm deep.
» KERA-FLEX » pour la coupe,
la gravure et le forage de grandes
plaques jusqu’à 25 mm de profondeur.
» KERA-FLEX » zum Schneiden,
Gravieren und Bohren von großen
Platten bis zu 25 mm tief. Smussatrice
MACCHINA per lavorazione spigoli e bordi laterali
Macchina per smussi di precisione su grandi piastrelle in gres porcellanato o altri materiali.
Adotta soluzioni brevettate per garantire la uniformità dello smusso su tutta la lunghezza dello spigolo lavorato.
Permette la esecuzione di smussi piatti a qualsiasi angolazione compresa fra 22° e 90°.
Permette la creazione di smussi tondi tipo TORO.
Permette la rifinitura del bordo laterale della piastrella.
La macchina 36B3 con il kit 36C3 è adatta per le stesse lavorazioni consigliate per la macchina 36B3, và fissata a un banco ed è consigliata per lavorare piastrelle strette e lunghe , come piastrelle per battiscopa, striscie di piastrelle spessore 3÷20mm, ecc.
Bevelling machine
MACHINE for processing of edges and side edges
Precision chamfer machine on large gres porcelain tiles or other materials.
It has patented solutions to ensure uniformity on bezel along the entire length of the worked edge. It allows to have flat bezels at any angulation, between 22 and 90 degrees.
It also allows to have rounded bezel type BULL.
Allows finishing of the lateral edge of the tile.
The machine 36B3 with the kit 36C3,  is suitable for the same work recommended for the machine 36B3; to be fixed on a table, and recommended for long and narrow tile working, like skirting tiles, strips of tile 3 to 20mm thick, etc..
Machine à chanfreiner
MACHINE pour le traitement des arêtes et des bords latéraux
Machine pour biseaux de précision sur grandes carreaux en gres porcelaine ou autres materiaux. Il adopte des solutions brevetées pour assurer uniformité sur toute la longueur du bord travaillé
Permet la exécution de biseaux plats à n’importe quel angle entre 22° et 90°.
Permet la création  de biseaux rondes du type  BULL .
Permet de finition du bord latéral de la tuile.
La machine 36B3 avec le kit 36C3 est approprié pour le même travail recommandée pour la machine 36B3, doit être fixé à une table et est recommandé pour les travaux de carrelage long et étroit, comme en contournant tuiles, des bandes de l’épaisseur du carrelage de 3 à 20 mm, etc.
MASCHINE zur Bearbeitung von Kanten und Seitenkanten
Präzisionsmaschine für Fasen auf großen Porzellanfliesen oder anderen Materialien.  Durch patentierten Lösung wird die Einheitlichkeit der Fase entlang der gesamten Kantenlänge sichergestellt.   Dies ermöglicht die Ausführung von gleichmäßigen Fasen in jedem beliebigen Winkel zwischen 22° und 90°. Auch die Fertigstellung von Fasen und gerundeten Kanten des Typs  BULL sind da durch möglich.
Es ermöglicht die Oberflächenfinish des Seitenkante der Fliese.Die Maschine 36b3 mit dem Kit 36C3, ist für die gleiche Arbeit für die Maschine 36b3 empfohlen; auf einem Tisch befestigt werden, und für lange und schmale Fliesenbearbeitung , wie Sockelfliesen zu empfehlen, um Streifen von Fliesen 3÷20mm dick, etc..