SPARE PARTS and accessories


Pulling incision, quick and easy for cutting tiles

Ergonomically shaped handle specific for pulling incision.

Scoring wheel diameter 12 mm is always visible from the operator's side.

CNC milled wheel holder and anti-friction metal shell to eliminate friction and lateral wear on the scoring wheel.

Scoring wheel also available in TIN coated version .

The sliding carriage is wear-free, thanks 3 double-row ball bearings guarantee long-term precision.

Automatic steel compensator for adjusting the slide preload on the rail.

There is an automatic system that holds the handle up to facilitate the insertion of the tile.

Wide splitting foot 100 mm.

The interchangeable anti-mark protection protects the basament from impact during the scoring.

The handle is mounted to the slide carriage with two thrust ball bearings for maximum precision.


Art. 4BU CM 70

70 cm 27.5 inc

49.5 cm 19.5 inc

0-17 mm 11/16 inc

10.2 Kg

Art. 4CU CM 84

84 cm 33 inc

59.4 cm 23.4 inc

0-17 mm 11/16 inc

12.3 kg

Art. 4DU CM 103

103 cm 40.5 inc

72.8 cm 28.6 inc

0-17 mm 11/16 inc

14.5 Kg


Art. 022

Scoring line indicator.

Perfect for delineating the cutting line, you can equip it to the whole "Series 4".

Article 17A

Extension for metric bar 50 cm long.

It can be fixed both on the right and on the left of the metric bar, and is compatible with all Series 4.

Art. 90E5

Front size for "Series 4"

Measurement available right and left 410 - 0 - 410 mm.

Particularly convenient for tile cutters from 90 cm upwards, for perfectly parallel cuts of long and narrow pieces.

Art. 43D2

Padded canvas suitcase with wheels.

Art. 43D2 for 4DU - 4DN tile cutters 

Art. 64B2

"Magnetic mosaic mat" non-slip for cutting mosaics.

Compatible with all 'Series 4' models